As the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has continued to unfold across the world, we are confronting a new reality where remote working is par for the course. We are also constantly consuming news and updates or looking for ways to help from wherever we are.  Hackers are taking advantage of this situation and are using social engineering tactics to manipulate people. Those cyber actors are sending emails with fake COVID-19 alerts including malicious attachments (malware) or links to fraudulent websites to get personal data, also known as Personal Identifiable Information (PII). They are also tricking people into donating to fraudulent cause or charities and are slipping infected links into social media groups of general interest. For instances, the ones related to activity cancellations, school closings or statistics about the disease.

We, at PMI Puerto Rico, are doing our very best to raise awareness about these risks in the best interests of our members. Please exercise caution in handling emails from ANY unknown contact, but especially if it has a COVID-19-related subject line, attachment, or hyperlink. Also, be wary of suspicious social media pleas, texts, calls and the likes. 

The Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS/CISA) is encouraging us to increase our vigilance in this matter. Click on the link to learn how to protect you and your organization against this threat.

We are all in this together. Only by acting collectively now, we will have a good chance of returning to the life, as we knew it before COVID-19. The entire Board of Directors and I are taking the necessary steps to guarantee continuous services to our members should this issue become a more significant concern for our area. Should you need any particular support, contact us.