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Track#2: 2nda Concurrente Técnico


Janice Adorno, LEED AP

Directora, EHS / Directora, CPM Academy


KPI’s to Identify Tendencies, Risk Assessments and Promote a Safety Culture


Businesses use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress toward specific health and safety goals or simply to monitor trends associated with corporate and facility activities or special projects. KPIs are used as a means to collect data and communicate trends, which can then be used to indicate where further improvements and resources are required.

KPIs that represent what has already happened are referred to as “lagging indicators.” Lagging indicators are commonly used in company communications to provide an overview of performance, such as the tracking of injury statistics, exposure incidents, and regulatory fines. “Leading indicators” are more predictive of future performance results. They are viewed as proactive measurements. 

These might include, among other things:

• Number of audits performed.

• Number and types of findings and observations.

• Timeframe required to close action items.

• Training completed.

• Near miss incidents.

• Timely preventive maintenance tasks performed.

• Safety committee meetings.

In this presentation CPM will present a success story of the implementation of establishing a safety culture beyond compliance in the Capital Projects were the measure of leading indicators help us predict conduct and focus in the prevention of accidents or incidents based on our trends in the projects.

Using technology to recollect the data and analysis to predict behavior, the presentation will discuss the methods used and the achievements for the past year.

Purpose: Use data and predictive analysis to prevent workforce injuries and reinforce a positive safety culture.

Benefits: The primary benefit is to inform about the technology that can be implemented to manage and implement safety KPIs to establish a safety culture in our projects.

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